Capacity Building

I served Senior advisor and special administrator for the world’s largest international nonprofit organization in FinTech and social entrepreneurship, a $950M business with 10,500 employees globally and a global migration organization.


In these roles, I delivered high-level approaches in support of capacity building where I advised, improved, and retained the skills, knowledge and other resources needed to do their jobs competently. Skills included:

• Oversaw the board of directors communications teams, with responsibility for bylaws, annual meetings schedules, executives, board members logistics, financial management and strategic communications.
• Counseled Chief Executive Officer in the protocol in public relations, messaging and communications
• Informed executives on policies, actions and findings about newsworthy, sensitive, and controversial issues
• Wrote media documents, including press releases, talking points, op-eds, pitch letters, and backgrounders
• Point of contact for board of directors
• Directed internal and external communications planning and strategy
• Developed standard operating procedures, key messages, donor management strategy and marketing
• Advised development models for capacity building, value proposition and core competencies
• Implemented public relations programs and managed budget
• Reworked procurement processes for contract renewals, travel and logistics
• Directed public messaging through speechwriting, paid media and earned media
• Managed the organization’s reputation and position executives as thought leaders in microfinance and social enterprise, economic growth, financial inclusion