Nonpartisan Politics

Nonpartisan Politics

For more than 18 years, I have worked in politics in a nontraditional consulting and advisory roles. I have worked for organizations in social science, advocacy, organized Hill briefings, prepped congressional testimony.

In roles, I have:

  • Co-Managed of a Congressional Fellowship Program
  • Wrote press releases, media advisories, tips sheets, talking points, advocacy guides, backgrounders and pitch letters
  • Compiled and analyzed data from monthly reports to prepare directors’ presentations to members of US

I have coordinated with many government agencies; Congress, NIH, SAMSHA, White House, NASA, coalitions and advocacy groups, to:

  • Develop an external communications strategy and public messaging for high profile meetings, conferences and political events
  • Design policy specific legislative branding and key messaging
  • Collaborate with members of Congress to identify components of science public policy and advocacy
  • Design marketing & e-marketing materials, brochures and advertisements
  • Monitor APA technical language and messaging
  • Produce integrated email, print, and social media marketing and public affairs campaigns
  • Analyze member engagement to produce advocacy strategy
  • Integrate public affairs and advocacy to enhance the professional reputations of psychologists and psychological science
  • Worke collaboratively to process information requests from the White House, US Congress, government agencies, news media, think tanks, and advocacy groups
  • Manage public reputation of legislative and federal affairs officers and the public interest executive directors
  • Prepare talking points, technical language, articles, pamphlets, scripts for congressional testimony